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Friday, July 16, 2010

Essendon Baptist Church Roll of Honour

This singularly unattractive Honour Board turned up as a postcard on eBay a year or so ago.  The seller managed to identify it as an Essendon board, presumably having looked at the service records of several of the volunteers to see where they were from.  From my own database I could see that they were all baptists, and they lived in the vicinity of the Baptist Church in Buckley Street, Essendon.  An enquiry at that church revealed that the board was removed some years ago, current whereabouts not known.  I believe this board belonged to that church.
The names have been transcribed and linked to service records (where I have got to that section of the alphabet) on the Empire Called website.

As you can see there is nothing connecting the board to the Essendon Baptist Church, so do let me know if you think it belonged to another church.

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  1. Good stuff to have the postcard though, otherwise you would not have known that the Board existed. Lets hope the board turns up again soon.