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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Employees of the Metropolitan Gas Co who served in the Great War

Linda Barraclough has located a copy of this very rare book down at Old Gippstown, and has very kindly decided to scan the whole book, and make it available for those who wish to have access to it - and as a continuing record of the service of the men involved.

Linda says: " Accordingly, I am slowly scanning the 62 pages, usually over coffee, and will make it available over the next few weeks. I am hoping that those who access it (and you are welcome to download), will respect my request that is not be otherwise reproduced without further discussion with me. I would be fairly angry is anyone thought it appropriate to lift to sell, as I do not believe money should be made from what is basically a war memorial.

Family history groups / libraries etc are welcome to download to place on CD in appropriate collections. Those wishing to record it on webpages are invited to link to the URL below".


  1. And I have just slipped over hear to say, that if you would like to see the actual book (and hear at least two brilliant speakers), you should come to Old Gippstown on 11 September for our Military History (World War I) seminar.

    Not to be missed

  2. PS I have now found where I put the index to this book on the net. You can see it at

  3. I recently purchased the following badge.
    A round disc badge around the size of a 50 cent piece. The badge reads { THE METROPOLITAN GAS CO.}
    It also has the number 465 in the centre. The badge is made by STOKES & SONS MELBOURNE. I beleive it would be a very early hat badge.

  4. That sounds like a wonderful find. Co-incidentally, my great grandfather and some of his sons worked for the Metropolitan Gas Co. I'd never thought of the possibility that they might have worn a uniform. Though being stokers, they probably didn't I suppose.