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Saturday, February 29, 2020

A Teacher's Bequest

In a letter to his mother in 1917,  a young soldier and former State School teacher, James Stephen Hogan  explained carefully that in the event of his death, his younger sister Doreen could claim his vacant teaching position with the Education Department.  Marilyn Kenny traces the education and training of James Hogan - and what happened next.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Flying Officer William Edward Bruce Neilson

After last month's story about James Charles Outhred, who was a fellow member of No 3 Squadron,  AFC, Rod Martin tells the story of William Edward Bruce Neilson. While both Outhred and Neilson enlisted at much the same time, embarked on the Ulysses together, and were appointed Second Class Air Mechanics, their experience with their squadron was quite different, Outhred being channelled into Wireless training, and Neilson into mechanics, and later aerial gunnery.  By the end of the war he qualified as a pilot.     Rod Martin tells the story of Flying Officer WEB Neilson.