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Sunday, January 19, 2020

2 Air Mechanic James Charles Outhred, AFC

What do the Red Baron, an empty grave in Moe and Air Mechanic Outhred have in common with 3 Australian Flying Squadron?  Rod Martin tells you in his story of 2 Air Mechanic James Charles Outhred.   You can see his story here.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Neil Neilson answers the Call to Arms

State Library South Australia. 
On 15 December 1915 the Prime Minister of Australia, William Hughes, put out a Call to Arms to the young men of Australia to play their part in "this greatest war of all times".

Neil Neilson of 39 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington, driver, answered that call.  He was a fairly slight figure, one of eleven children, but he responded to Hughes' appeal and enlisted on 4 January 1916, just a few weeks after the appeal was made.

Rod Martin tells the story of a fairly troublesome  young man who managed to overcome his difficulties with the army and became a reliable member of 15 Battery, 5 Field Artillery Brigade as Gunner Neil Robert Neilson.   Neilson died after a gas attack, on 8 June 1918.