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Monday, May 27, 2013

Staff Nurse Lilian Rutherford

Staff Nurse Lilian Rutherford
Lilian Rutherford joined her sister Linda in Salonika in 1917.  Authorities would not approve leave to the UK for nursing staff at Salonika until mere days before the Armistice, and once the war ended the Rutherford sisters were granted leave in the UK, Linda leaving a few days before Lilian.  On 1 January 1919, Lilian was awarded a Royal Red Cross "in recognition of her valuable services with the British Forces in Salonika".

Royal Red Cross

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sister Linda Rutherford of Essendon

The sisters' quarters at No 66 British General Hospital on Hortiach Plateau, Salonika.
The British and Australian soldiers who served at Salonika endured harsh winters and hot summers  under canvas, subject to illness, particularly malaria.   Sister Linda Rutherford also endured these conditions.  Click on the link to read her story.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pte Rudel O'Dowd of the Vet Section

The son of noted poet Bernard O'Dowd, Rudel was a veterinary student at the outbreak of war, and in February 1915 joined the Veterinary Section and embarked for the Middle East.  Marilyn Kenny relates the story of Rudel O'Dowd, who also tried his hand at poetry.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tedworth House, 1917

Regarded as the most spectacular country house in the County of Wiltshire, the former family home was acquired by the War Office in 1897. The acquisition of 40,000 acres on Salisbury Plain close by turned the small farming village of Tidworth into a Garrison Town.  Tedworth House became the Officers' Mess.
This tiny image comes from an album of photos taken by Driver Gordon Anderson who at the time was serving with the Australian Army Service Corps.  It seems unlikely Gordon ever saw the inside of Tedworth House, unless invited in to wash the glasses!

Wiltshire Community History and Tedworth House websites give reasonably detailed information about the military establishment on the Salisbury Plains.