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Friday, June 5, 2020

Jim Raff, machine gunner of Kensington

Machine gunners in training at Seymour, 1916.  AWM P08299.002.
Albert James (Jim) Raff, a cabinetmaker or 79 Market St, Kensington, enlisted in the Australian Army on 18 July 1916.  Jim trained to be a machine gunner, and his crew became familiar with the Vickers medium mounted machine gun.  It was mounted on a tripod and weighed 40 kilos.  It was served by a crew of three. Because of its weight it could not be carried as part of an attacking formation.  These weapons were dug into a 'nest', and became prime targets for the enemy seeking to destroy them.  It was a very dangerous role.

Rod Martin explains the role of Jim's crew, the 10th Machine Gun Company, and later the 22nd MGC, in  battles in  France and Belgium.  You can read Jim's full story here