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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tramways Board, Melbourne, Employees Died on Active Service

The following pages show the Tramways Board, Melbourne Employees who enlisted for Active Service.

The pages are taken from the Tramways Board, Melbourne Annual Report to 30th June, 1919.  Thank to Warren Doubleday for scanning the pages.


  1. Oh Well Found!

    On a quick look, my first response is I can only see two clerks, and the rest were blue collar workers. Which contrasts with the number enlisting from the National Bank. Surely they had a large head office? Yet none of them have enlisted????

  2. An interesting thought. I can see five clerks - but I expect that most of the folks at the head office would be older men. And enlistment wasn't universal, of course. There was quite a bit of resistence to registration for military service.