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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Patriotic Concert, 8th September 1914

The departure of a contingent of young men with the Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force was a cause for celebration in Essendon, and the volunteers were treated to a concert in the Town Hall, and presented with a program recording their names.

The program features the badge and colours of the local Citizens Military Force Battalion, the 58th Battalion.  The artwork may have been prepared by Mayor Goldsworthy himself, who was a graphic artist.  Goldsworthy designed, made and presented the first Honour Boards honouring the "Boys of Essendon" which were hung in the Essendon Town Hall.


  1. Very nice indeed. Isn't it a miracle that pieces like this have survived, when we rarely put things like this aside today. How many of those men, who set off, came home I wonder.

  2. We rarely print things like this, these days. Far more likely to run off some not very artistic photocopy. I'm still working on how many of them came home - but I'm going the long way which suits my own purposes.

  3. I've just realised I missed Lt-Col H E(Pompey) Elliott's name on the program. There's an ommission! Elliott was the commanding officer of the 58th Ban (Essendon Rifles) when war broke out. He was invited to raise a battalion for the expeditionary force, and of course many of his troops from the 58th Bn volunteered. He took the 7th Battalion AIF to Gallipoli.