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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Disloyalty in the Essendon District

It would be a good thing if the Germans marched up Napier Street.
- Statement attributed to Angelina King by Nurse Rebecca Ross

Mrs. Rebecca Ross was indignant, accustomed to speaking her mind and broadcasting her opinion. Harold George Jones was a man starting a new venture who needed to take account of public opinion. Angelina King needed to maintain her reputation that she depended on for her livelihood. They all met in the County Court where Miss King sued Nurse Ross for slander, accusing her of making untrue statements to Mr. Jones with the result she, Angelina, lost her employment. 

In her new article about the personalities and events surrounding this court case, Marilyn tests the temperature of hatred within the local community.  You can read it here:

 "Disloyalty in the Essendon District, 1914-1918"

We could contrast this with an article in the Manly Daily Telegraph by John Morecombe, published on 15 May 1915:  

"Anti-German sentiment during WWI was so rife it bordered on hysteria".

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