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Sunday, July 6, 2014

A little Digger humour

Australian troops going into action across Plugge's Plateau after the landing on 25 April at about midday. Photographer: Charles Bean. Australian war Memorial Collection, G00907.

The battalion landed that night, and the next day saw a fatigue party going to the beach for stores. An observer on Gaba Tepe saw them, and Beachy Bill opened out with shrapnel. This was their first taste of shell fire. The strategic retreat back to the shelter of a communication trench was one of the quickest movements seen on the peninsula. 

One man who was noted for his "good oil" about racehorses shook his head sorrowfully at the sky where the shells were bursting! "This is no place for a parson's son," he declared solemnly. "They'll miss me in the old home," he ruminated a little later. They'll see me name on the roll of honour, and be sorry they ever cut me off."

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