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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unknown Bandsman, 1916

The photo was taken in Melbourne, circa 1916.  Courtesy of Judith Williams.

This photo of an unknown soldier was included with some photos of the 3rd Pioneer Battalion Band.  He also appears in the centre of the top row of the band photographed in January 1916, probably at Campbellfield. 

(Click on the photo to get a larger view.)

If anyone can identify this young man, or any of the bandsmen in the 3rd Pioneer Battalion photos, please let us know.

UPDATE:  After further consideration, it seems likely that the band taken in front of pine trees was the Head Quarters Band, or Depot Band, as it was dated January 1916.  The two identified Bandsmen did not join 3 Pioneer Battalion until late February 1916, so the  Unknown Bandsman may not have embarked with 3 Pioneer Bn.

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