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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flemington PAFS Honour Board

I'm pleased to relate that with the wonderful assistance of Sheila Byard I was able to access the Kensington Town Hall to photograph the various boards in the Lodge Room upstairs.  This one is the Flemington branch of the Protestant Alliance Friendly society, mentioned in an earlier post.  I will be attempting to match them up with my database on the wiki website.  I'll load up the picture there in the next day or so.  The Kensington Town Hall has suffered significant structural damage, but I am pleased to report that remedial work is being undertaken as funds are allocated.


  1. Oh Excellent news! So how many new names is this going to give you to chase?

  2. Not too many, I hope. I ought to have most of them in my database already from other sources(fingers crossed.)

  3. I've identified 24 of the 41, and others will need a bit more work. Some of them have a few alternatives in my database. One at least I have discovered was discharged because of illness and never went overseas. Some may not be from the immediate area. This remains to be seen.