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Thursday, April 25, 2019

AWM takes donations from weapons companies

 I attended a Peace conference last night where I was pretty disturbed to learn that the AWM has been taking donations from weapons companies.  I am an appreciative user of AWM resources, but I would rather do with less than have the AWM take money from these blood-sucking leeches war profiteers.  I intend to sign the petition asking the AWM not to take these donations, which I found on the website of the Medical Association for the Prevention of War (Australia).  I hope you will too.

Find the link to the petition here:     Medical Association for the Prevention of War (Australia)


  1. Wow! If not a conflict of interest that is a serious miscalculation and a very bad look for the AWM. Surely there are other companies that could sponsor the AWM?!

  2. I recently read about this too, and was quite horrified about it.

  3. Thanks, Kay and Jenny. Just goes how insidious this sort of funding is.