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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gordon Anderson 1917 albums, 10th ASC


I have just loaded up two albums of photos taken by Gordon Roy Anderson of Buckley Park, Essendon.  At that time Buckley Park referred to a farm on the west side of Hoffmans Rd, Essendon, in an area that is now Niddrie.   Gordon arrived in England at the end of 1916 and was probably claimed by his older brother, James Grant Anderson, to serve with him in the 10th Army Service Corps.  A third brother, Donald Clarke Anderson, was also in this unit, though is not included in these albums.  During 1917 Gordon and Jim were in training camps on the Salisbury Plains, the photos being mainly taken at Codford and Windmill Hill.  If your relative served with 10th ASC in 1917, you might find him in one of the photos.

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