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Friday, August 2, 2013

58th Infantry Battalion (Essendon Rifles)

Only two people have been identified in this photo of members of the Essendon Rifles - Ru Jacobsohn and Captain R W Wells. Any further identifications are welcome.  Please see a larger version of the photo here.   Both Ru Jacosohn and Richard Wells volunteered in September 1914 and served on Gallipoli.   Wells was killed, which means the photo dates to pre September 1914.


  1. Hi Lenore, my relation Richard Thomas Cooke lived in Pyalong but his service record indicates (May 12 1915) Previous service: Senior cadets Essendon 1 yr, At. Forces 58th rifles 1 yr.

    I have checked my photo of him and the closest he would be is back row third from left but cannot be sure. Liz

  2. Hi Liz,

    That would be fantastic if it is. I'll contact you directly. I do have another photo of the fellow third from the left in the back row which may clarify things.

    Thanks, and best wishes,