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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Captain Reginald Walter Jones, 14th Battalion

Captain Reginald Walter Jones of the 14th Infantry Battalion was an electrician from Essendon.  The History of the 14th Infantry Battalion, AIF says:

"An Original, he enlisted as a private, but his ability soon brought him to the front. A deadly rifle shot, he did much effective sniping on the PeninsulaHe had been wounded several times,but it never altered his outlook on life. He was noted for his daring in a Brigade of brave men, but his daring was always controlled by intelligence. Much scouting and reconnaissance work must be placed to his credit during his long and honourable career with the Battalion".

Jones served with Albert Jacka VC throughout much of the war.  His two brothers, also in the 14th Battalion, were killed in action.  You can see details of Jones' career here.

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