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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trove of WW1 photos found in Vignacourt, Somme Valley

From The Age today, the story of a cache of 3,000 photographs, known as "The Thuillier Collection" of Australian and Allied soldiers taken behind the lines in Vignacourt in the Somme Valley.  A story on these photos will show on Channel 7 tonight at 6.30 pm Eastern Standard Time. The photos were taken in 1916, and later in 1918.    See the photos on the Channel 7 website.

A smaller trove of photos of mainly Tommies, but which also includes some Australians, was reported in The Independent in 2009, taken in late 1915 and early 1916.

See also the Australian War Memorial blog with an article by Peter Burness.

UPDATE:  And there is a Facebook page - thanks to Linda for the link.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  The above links  now do not appear to show the whole set of photos,  so see the report on the Lost Diggers from the AWM here.   As at December 2011 these photos do  not appear to have been added to the AWM online catalogue.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  You can now call up the full set of photographs of Louis Thuillier by going to the Collections part of the AWM website and putting Thuillier in the search engine. You will get 814 results.  These photos have a copyright statement on them.


  1. Also a facebook page for them, with full gallery

  2. Thanks Linda, I'll add that to the original post so it can be easily seen.