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Thursday, September 30, 2010

North Essendon Methodist Church Roll of Honour

This board hung in a church in Mt Alexander Rd, North Essendon, now closed.

See identifications here (progressively putting up individual pages for these volunteers).


  1. Plenty to work on there. Two nurses, at first glance it looks like ranks only on those KIA, but no, not even that consistent. And how did they choose the order - was it as they enlisted? Surely not. Or just purely haphazard.

    Nice find - do you know where it is now?

  2. I photographed this before the church closed a few years ago - the board is probably at the Uniting Church Archives.

    Nurse Jeffreys wasn't strictly local, but her father had been the minister at the church for 12 months or so. They were living at Preston when she enlisted.

    The order of the names is deeply mysterious. Chapman at the top went away with the 7th Battalion in 1914, and Henry Wright towards the bottom went away with the 14th Battalion in 1914, so it doesn't appear to be in order of enlistment, nor in alphabetical order.

    I think these boards were often established in 1915, and names went on as they enlisted as and the men's names were drawn to the attention of the signwriter as they were thought of. People probably came to the church having moved to the area, and had their boys added in, even if they'd never set foot in the church - though that doesn't explain the Wright brothers. No idea what went on with this one.