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Monday, May 31, 2010

Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board

The Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board was formed in 1919 and began taking over the several private tramway companies operating in Melbourne.  Each of the private tram depots appears to have had a depot-based Honour Board.  This one commemorates those that died, presumably across the various tramway companies.  I don't know anything of the history of this Honour Board, but it is located in the museum next to the Malvern Depot.  I don't know where it originally hung, but would be pleased to hear from anyone that does know.  I haven't checked all the names yet for my particular interests, but I see that an Essendon lad, Roy Gordon Sumner, a tramways employee, is included


  1. The metal foil method of production is also really interesting - I wonder if this was a "top end" or "economical" production method. or did they have some form of type on hand, so it was produced "in house" and then sent off for mounting - which could explain the rather strange order of names.

    Have many others been sighted in this form?

  2. Reference to The Argus reveals that the Board was unveiled at MMTB HQ in 1921 - still don't know exactly where this was, but can't be hard to establish. See subsequent post on this subject. I'll need to know a bit more about H B Herbert who designed it.